Renting a home



Buying a home is not for everyone – sometimes it is a better deal to lease the home of your dreams.  Especially if you are unsure you are going to be in a job or an area more than a few years.  To search for a rental home just go to the  Search MLS tab at the side of this page.  Search for residential leases.  When the window opens fill in the blank fields and click on the Search button.  We also have information on some properties that are not listed on MLS but available by the property owners.  Call us for information.

We offer a few tips to help you find the best rental:

  • Determine the size home and area you want to search.
  • Look for homes based on the area and the price you can afford.
  • Be reasonable with expectations – the best house for you to rent might not have new carpet but the owner is willing to accept your pet.
  • Be honest – tell the property owner everything.
  • If you want special considerations such as new carpet be prepared to “kick in” some money to make it happen.
  • Once you enter into a lease and receive the keys walk through the house and make an inventory of everything, document everything with photos and send a copy to the landlord for your protection when you move out at the end of the lease.
  • If there is any property damage caused by you, your friends, your pets, correct it immediately.
  • Give the landlord the amount of notice required in the lease when you decide to move and prepare to move out on the date you say.
  • Be prepared for the landlord to show the property to perspective tenants during the notice period.
  • Most landlord and tenant problems occur over perception of damages and not being able to turn the property over when promised.
  • Be polite enough to show up to your scheduled rental appointments in a timely fashion. Call to reschedule or advise you are running late. If you have found another rental let the showing-agent know. We promise to extend the same consideration to you.

Texas law requires the landlord to change or rekey the locks when you move into the property, have a keyless deadbolt installed for your safety, and keep your security deposit in a separate account.  The landlord has 30 days after you vacate the property to refund the amount of your security deposit less any expense for repair of damages to the property.

We will be happy to help you find a home to lease or to find a tenant for your home!

Call us at 972-596-0371 to discuss your needs.