Priscella Reid, Sales Associate

I like to think I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist as well as a Sales Agent.

My experience in real estate began when I moved to Dallas and took a job at my apartment complex as a bookkeeper so I would not need to drive in Dallas.  Coming from a small town in New Mexico traffic was a huge fear.  I’m sure I am the only realtor that started in the business  because I did not want to drive.

Since then I have been an onsite apartment complex manager, a regional manager overseeing several apartment communities, the manager of home owner associations, a realtor associated with Ebby Halliday and Re/Max Preston Road North and now with my husband, Glen.

I have also bought real estate rights for transportation agencies and was employed by the corporate real estate department at the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Agency in Dallas.

In a long version, I hope I have explained that my experience can help you with any real estate need from buying and leasing a home to a real estate development project.  Call me at 214-564-6107 to discuss your real estate need or send an email to!