Buy a home

Once you have decided to buy a home take a few minutes to write a list of what you want.

  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • Do you need a home office?
  • Do you need an extra living area for activities such as movies, games, a pool table?
  • Do you want a pool?
  • Do you cook at home and if so, do you need a pantry, extra cabinets, or double ovens?
  • Do you need a garage?
  • Do you have a hobby such as wood working that needs a work bench area?
  • Do you decorate for holidays and need outdoor electrical plugs?
  • Do you garden? Do you need a sprinkler system or raised beds?
  • Do you want a covered patio or a patio at all?
  • Do you want a fireplace?

Next, visit with a mortgage broker or banker to decide what is a comfortable mortgage payment for your family and what price range you should consider when buying a home.  We recommend a few local mortgage professionals on this site.

Use the search MLS link and search for homes in your favorite neighborhood, close to your preferred schools, and work in your price range.  Look at the pictures and see which houses might work for you.  You can also use any of the many internet sites available.

Most importantly call us to look at the homes you choose!

Be prepared to make an offer if you find the home you like.  Consider your offer carefully and make the offer you are willing to pay when buying a home.  If you decide to “low ball” your offer without being willing to risk loosing the house you will likely be disappointed  if the seller rejects the offer and does not make a counter offer.  Most sellers are willing to negotiate but few are willing to sell their home for less than needed to clear the debt and the closing costs.

Short sales often result in a loss to the seller but need to be approved by the lender and are often frustrating to the buyer.  The seller will submit all offers for approval by the lender and often it takes months to get an answer.  Often there is not a counter offer just a refusal.

If you want to buy a home listed as a foreclosure be willing to make your offer immediately.  The foreclosures are usually going to need repairs.You might not be able to do adequate inspections because the homes have been winterized or to view a covered pool.

Consider what you might have to spend for those repairs when you determine your offer.  Remember FHA, VA and Banks all have real estate professionals determining the value used in the advertised sales price and often are not willing to negotiate.  The highest bid will be accepted only if it is determined to be reasonable.

Call us to represent you as a Buyer’s Agent.  We are happy to help you buy a home – 972-596-0371, or call or text us at 214-564-6107 or 214-563-3824.