Buyer’s Representation – it’s free to you

Why do you need a Realtor to help you buy a home?  You can just type in an address on sites like,,, etc. and find out everything you need to know about the house – am I right?

We advertise on those sites too – we love them but in reality the information is sometimes wrong.  Of course, the information about the listing agent and sales price is right but the estimates of values are often misleading.

In Texas many deeds are recorded with the wording  “$10 and other valuable consideration” instead of the actual sales price and because we do not pay transfer taxes in the State of Texas some information is not available to enter into the equations.

When you make an offer on a home the information you use should be correct.  If your offer is too high,  it costs you too much and you might not get financing. Alternatively, if you offer too little you can make the seller angry and he or she will not negotiate with you to come to the correct price.

In Texas the listing agent works for the Seller. They have already given the seller their best information, opinion and advice about the pricing. Guiding them on what an acceptable value is based on their reading of the market data .  A buyer’s representative can help you by giving you advice and opinions of the market and the area and will help you negotiate the best price.  Call us today to have us help you!

If you ask the listing agent to write an offer for you it puts the listing agent in an intermediary position. He or she can no longer give either party advice or opinions. However he or she is already aware of the sellers wants which could influence the negotiations.

It’s best to call another Realtor one to represent you only!  Of course, we think it should be us, Glen Reid Real Estate Services we are available at 972-596-0371 or 214-563-3824 (cell). Call us to make an appointment.  Buyer’s representation is a good thing!

We open the door to show you the house but most important we can help you notice the things you might not like about the house once you move in.  You often only get one look at the house, you fall in love, and you make an offer.  You can overlook things such as a friend of mine  did not noticing there were no drawers in the kitchen.  The cabinets were beautiful and the counter tops were granite but there were no drawers.

We can also recommend other homes you might like to see before making a decision.

Realtors know which mortgage companies will be of most help for your situation and which can get faster approvals and better terms for you.

Realtors know how to help you get the right people to help with inspections, repair issues, and title policies and keep everything moving in a timely fashion so you do not miss important deadlines and transactions and get closed on time.  A late closing can cost you money in “hold over fees” if you don’t vacate your current home on schedule.

The most important reason to use an agent to represent you is that it is still usually a free service to you, paid for by the listing agent at closing from the seller’s closing cost.  The seller does not pay less because you represent yourself, the listing agent just makes more money!  As listing agents we like to make money but we honestly advise buyers for our listings to use another agent to represent them only in the transaction.  Every buyer should have help, advice, and opinions from a realtor when buying a home.  Buyer’s representation is good!

Real Estate Tip #1 – Always use a Realtor to represent you  in a real estate transaction – it is the most expensive thing you will ever buy and your home is the most important item contributing to your quality of life.  Would you want to hand thousands of dollars to a stranger as a gift in 30 days?  That is what you could be doing if you overpay in price or fees!  Let us represent you.