Sell your house and pay off your bills?

We have clients doing just that – taking advantage of our strong seller’s market to become debt free! Using the money they have earned during their home ownership to pay bills, change jobs, retire earlier, adopt a baby or just move to a more comfortable home.

What to do first though is the question? Take a good long look at your home. Plan to make it “marketable” and “profitable”. A few thousand dollars in updating can be quickly reclaimed in your marketing price. Homes that are light, bright, clean and inviting ofter have multiple offers well above the listed price. We can help you plan what updates will be most beneficial and add value. Interior and Exterior paint are the most cost effective improvement you can make. Pick your colors well and cover up any imperfections from the past like the purple bedroom your daughter loved!

Next remove old damaged screens, outdated drapes, and worn furniture from the house. Decluttering closets, cabinets, and table tops will make your home seem more comfortable and liveable. Packing up everything that is smaller than a football is also wise because when showing the house you don’t want to worry about your valuable collectables.

Go through your home and check out what might need maintenance.
Have the HVAC system checked and serviced, repair leaky faucets, pipes and sprinkler systems, old appliances replaced, and replace burnt out light bulbs, and old light fixtures.

Work done in advance will add up in value when we market your home!Model









Want a backyard resort with a pool?

pool1 Oak SpringsIt’s August and hot in Texas and what is better than coming home from a long day at work and jumping in your pool. Throw some food on the grill and fill your glass with the beverage of your choice and just relax.

We can help you find the home you want with a pool. You can search MLS listings by using the search button on this page or call, text, or email us for the latest search technology for your phone or computer.

A home with a pool could be in yours this month!

You can buy a house!

10-IMG_2887Yes, you can buy a house!  In today’s sellers market often we hear the comment that the process is to hard and clients want to wait a year for the market to improve.

The process is not hard but it is challenging and yes, you can buy a house in this market in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area.  We can help.

The key is being realistic and increasing your knowledge of what features you want and what price you can afford to pay so start with talking to one of the lenders on our Mortgage 101 page.  Become prequalified and then search the internet listings by using our MLS search on this page.  When you see a home you want to see schedule an appointment now not later.  Homes will not wait for the weekend or next week – many are under contract in one day!

The seller is going to decide which offer to accept based on his or her net cash at closing so many factors will be used in the consideration besides what your monetary offer is on the paperwork.  Call us and we will get you in the home you want to buy!

Multiple offers …..

21-IMG_2925Buying a home is certainly challenging in the North Texas area these days!  The problem is our growing economy and great weather.  People want to live here!  Great thing we would say normally but we just have a limited number of homes available for sale!

When searching any of the online sites you will find great homes with beautiful pictures and these homes are in great locations!  Call your realtor (hopefully us) fast!!!  Often homes are under contract the same day or worse when you make your offer you will be told there are multiple offers and there is a deadline to make your “highest and best” offer.  We offer the following tips to help you deal with our crazy market:

  • Be preapproved for financing – Make a written application and give your mortgage rep all the support documents needed to assure financing.
  • Know what features you want and what you can compromise on when selecting your new home.  Few homes have every feature on your list.
  • Know that your offer might not be the one the seller accepts.  The seller is wanting the highest net return and wants the most stable purchaser so the sale will close on time.
  • Be practical in your expectations of seller concessions and repairs.
  • Understand that the status of homes on line might not be updated and offers can already be in the sellers hand and a contract can be signed while you are looking at the home.
  • Give yourself several weeks or even months to find your new home!


Today’s market tips – we need homes to sell!

Want to sell but waiting to get repairs done?  We are desperate to find nice homes for sale in Alllen, Plano, McKinney, Rowlett, Richardson – anywhere in North Dallas!

You might have heard on the news recently that the market is a “Sellers”  market and buyers are having a hard time buying.  One newscasters lead story this week was tips to help buyers in this challenging market so I thought I would also give you a few:

If you are selling your home:

Do not put a sign outside and try to do it yourself.  Realtors provide value to get your best price and the best deal!  Our buyers are pre-qualified and we will not bring people to your home that are not ready to buy!

Prepare the house!  Paint, clean, do minor repairs, eliminate clutter and put up anything smaller than a football that could be carried out by anyone’s child.

Be prepared to have non-stop showings for a couple of days!  Plan to be gone, eat out, remove your pets, etc.!

Do accept the best offer for you!!  Look at the amount you will net not the amount of the offer and be sure the date you are giving possession works for your move.  Do not be afraid to ask for a lease back of a couple of days if you need it.

Call us and list your house soon as buyers tend to move in the summer while school is out.  We will guide you through the process seamlessly!

If you need to buy a home now:

Be pre-approved for financing.  Call a mortgage broker and provide all the documentation they need to give you a preapproval letter.  We have to provide it with the offer for your offer to be considered.

Be realistic!  The seller is not going to give you money!  Work with your lender if you need closing cost concession or help with the cost to close.

Be realistic!  The seller is not going to do cosmetic repairs and often not even structural repairs so you may need to work those costs into your mortgage.

Be realistic!  The seller is going to accept the best offer and often the first one that is acceptable.  If you see an active listing online call us to see it immediately.  Your next day off will be too late!  We can show it to you on your lunch break or after work!

Be realistic!  If the home is in bad repair or not in your budget – move on!  Do not buy a home you cannot afford to repair or maintain!  No one needs to be “house poor”!!!





We know this because we hear from customers every day that tried it with these results:

  • FSBO Investors call with a scheme to give you a contract for deed and promise to  bring you a real buyer in 30 day.
  • FSBO listings get the Realtors to reply with reasons for you to list with them.
  • FSBO Buyers with credit issues call and want you to seller finance.
  • FSBO Buyers call with offers that are less because you are saving the commission.

The truth is Realtors are expensive but we add value to your transaction.  We can help you with whatever budget you need.

  • We have the information to provide you the correct sales price for your transaction to close and fund.
  • We have the support of other Realtors to get your house shown to qualified buyers with a need to buy.
  • We help you avoid starting a transaction that takes your house off the market and won’t close because of financing, title issues, and expensive repair requests.
  • Call us today we are worth our fees and you will profit from our help
  • We provide a market analysis to help you set the price, our opinions, and advice.
  • We provide scheduling service to set showing appointments and provide feedback.
  • We provide MLS Listing which feeds into all major real estate search engines.
  • We provide Contract forms and closing assistance.
  • You provide all photos, room measurements, flyers, show your home, hold open houses and negotiate your contract, and run all errands to the title company and selling brokers office.








Are you wanting a new home?  Now is the time to visit our builders!  There are great floorplans at great prices available now.  Today’s new homes also offer the bonus of increased energy efficiency.  But which builder do you choose?  Toll Brothers, David Weekly, Grand, Highland, Legend, Gehan – they all have great deals for you.

The truth about our seller’s market though is that builder’s inventories are selling quickly and lots are also now becoming in short supply.  We have the inventory sheets from all the builders and can discuss all of the features of each community.  Call us before you go visit the sales office and we will give you a special price on selling your existing home!


If you like our header – it is a reminder that our Dallas Fort Worth area has much to offer and our suburbs offer the best of all living, working, and entertainment.

Search all the listings available on MLS by just  clicking on the “Search MLS” tab at the side of this page.   Once you have filled out the information in the fields just click on the  “search” button at the left side of the page.

Let us know the homes you are interested in seeing by sending us an email through the “contact us” button or give us a call at 972-596-0371 or call or test us on our cell phones 214-563-3824 or 214-564-6107.

Please just ask us if you need any help or have any questions.  We want to be your trusted resource when you have real estate needs.